Summer Requirements

All participants are required to return home to Afghanistan every summer as a means to keep them connected with their family and homeland.  Only in extreme academic hardship are students allowed to stay for a summer of summer school.  If, after going through the proper process, a student is permitted to stay, the IEAW will not be responsible for any financial obligations during the summer.  To be eligible to remain in the US for summer school, a student must provide proof of the following information prior to mid-February before the summer in question:

  1. proof that summer school is the only means for graduating on the scheduled graduation date.  Transcript, academic plan completed by the student’s academic advisor, and an outline of the remaining graduation requirements are the required forms for submission.  The student will provide a letter from her advisor that states that summer session(s) are the only option for graduating as scheduled.
  2. proof of financial aid to include tuition, room, board, fees, and personal spending money as well as any additional fees required.  The IEAW does not provide summer school scholarship supplements.

If a student fails to adhere to this policy, separation from this program will be likely.

Students are encouraged to participate in summer internships or independent studies while in Afghanistan.  In some cases, colleges or universities may give credit for the internship or independent study.  Consultation with the host college is needed.  Related fees are the responsibility of the student.